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Misadventures in Unintended Places

Misadventures in Unintended Places

An epic adventure: 2 people, 4 continents, 10 months and countless incredible experiences. Who could forget the Chinese shower cubicle of DEATH or the ABBA bus in Fiji? A photo journal capturing the essence of adventure in this 154 page, one off hardback book printed by A personal project by hellotank. All photographs by Hellotank.

Misadventures in Unintended PlacesMisadventures in Unintended PlacesMisadventures in Unintended PlacesMisadventures in Unintended Places

A Thousand Suns

A Thousand Suns E.P.

Hotly tipped rock band A Thousand Suns commissioned Hellotank to create the artwork for their debut EP. Capturing the dark, emotive passion of the music was a creative challenge. Three colour on body CD print shown above.

A Thousand Suns EP booklet

CD booklet created using all original photography.

A Thousand Suns posters

Rock band A Thousand Suns came to Hellotank in need of some promotional posters for the release of their acclaimed debut. Hellotank crafted this set A3 of posters for the band.

A Thousand Suns website

Online presence created for awesome rock band A Thousand Suns. Featuring Flash, video and audio content.